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Autumn in Vadu Crișului

It's no secret that autumn is our favourite season because of the abundance of warm colours which create a beautiful spectacle in Romania's dense forests. It's the perfect season to go hiking in the mountains since the weather is stable and it's not so hot as it is during the summer.

MTB in the Trascău Mountains via the Întregalde Gorges

Just 30 km away from the beautiful city of Alba Iulia, in the village of Benic we did a fun MTB trip in the picturesque Trascău Mountains.

The Roman Baths in Cetea

One of Romania's hidden beauties lays just 30 km away from the beautiful city of Alba Iulia and reaching it is very easy. If you're searching for a great place to cool down, this is the place to be!

Transylvanian Hills - cycling over the hills in the Saxon villages and fortified churches

One year ago we did a great MTB tour through the so called Transylvanian Hills. This area contains many Saxon villages delimited by the cities of Brașov, Sighișoara, Mediaș and Sibiu.

The people living here understand the importance and benefits of sustainable tourism and Romanian and foreign tourists love it here due to the beautiful fortified churches, the house's architecture, traditional way of living and unspoiled nature 😊

Strategica - cycling at 2000 m in the Latoriței Mountains

By far the most difficult, the best and the most complex MTB tour we ever did! Strategica was on our radar for at least 2 years but in August 2016 we managed to do this amazing track 😊

Strategica (aka The Strategic Road) crosses the ridge of the Latoriței Mountains. It starts from the already famous Transalpina Highway and ends in the Voineasa mountain resort.

We cycled on the most spectacular and highest section of this great road on top of the mountains.

Amazing Romania - Romania's Adventure Travel Guide App

Dear fellow travellers 😊

We're proud to announce the launch of Romania's Adventure Travel Guide!

We've been missing for a while, we know, but for a good reason: we've been working on a smartphone app which aims to offer tourists a modern & easy way to discover the most amazing places in Romania! We called it Amazing Romania (big surprise 😋)

What we really want is to make Romania known to the world!

Not because it's our country, although we are a bit biased we must admit, but because it's worth visiting! Romania is truly an AMAZING country with a lot to offer but it has gone generally unnoticed by foreign travellers.

So, download our free Android & iOS app and you'll find here the best places to visit in Romania, with useful but not overwhelming information, we promise! 😊

Let's begin with a short presentation of this mobile app and how it can be useful to you:

On the bottom of the screen you'll see 4 buttons: LIST, MAP, SETTINGS and SEARCH.

When the app opens you'll first see a LIST with all the places in our guide. They are sorted alphabetically by default or, if you have your GPS on, they will be sorted by distance (closest to you first) and you'll also see the distance from you to each place in the list.

Each place has a background photo on top of which you'll see the name of the place, the distance, its categories (hiking, cycling, canyons & caves, waterfalls & lakes, fortifications & citadels, cities & villages or skiing) and a short description.

When you find a place you're interested in just touch its image and its description will open. But more on that later 😋

Then there is the MAP.

On the map you'll see exactly the same places as in the LIST. So it's the alternative to the LIST and it's easy to see exactly where these places are located. Each pin on the map has a symbol representing the main category for that place.

If you touch the marker an info window will open and if you touch the info window you will be taken to that place's description.

The SETTINGS view lets you filter out the places you see in the LIST and the MAP.

There are 2 ways to filter: by distance (only if your GPS is on and your location has been established) or by selecting the categories of places you are interested in.

There are 7 categories that we used to mark the places present in our guide: hikingcyclingcanyons & caveswaterfalls & lakesfortifications & citadels, cities & villages and skiing.

Finally you can reset your filters (distance or category) and the search results (described lower down) by touching the RESET button in the settings or by going to the top of the LIST and sliding down.

Searching for amazing places.

The guide offers the possibility to search for places you are interested in or types of places you are interested in.

For example you might want to check out the highest mountain peaks in Romania. You can type in that. Or find places where there is traditional food. Type in that. Or you want to see what attractions you have near a big city. E.g "attractions near Timisoara😊

The Description of a place

After you choose a place you are interested in from the LIST or the MAP you'll see its description. This contains quality content, beautiful images and useful information.

If you're reading about a hiking trail or a mountain bike tour then, at the end of the description, you'll have some technical information about the trail such as: route, distance, duration, signposting and difficulty.

A cool feature that we have is the ability to navigate to each place you read about. You do that by touching the red button in the bottom - right corner. It will let you choose the navigation app of your liking that you have installed on your phone (e.g.  Google MapsWazeApple Maps and others).

Another useful feature is the ability to see the GPS track on a map for every hiking trail or mountain bike tour you read about. Do that by touching the green button in the bottom -left corner.


Yes, our guide also relies on contributors. At first, it will only be us, the content from, but we encourage any traveller with a good story and beautiful pictures to contact us using the dedicated buttons in the app.

Being a contributor is free and contributors get all the credits!


Our guide is free! You won't see any of those ugly commercials ruining the user experience.

However, we use quite a lot of resources to sustain this project so we will have useful commercials in dedicated places.

Therefore, for each place in the guide you will see 4 sections aside from its description:

Food & Drinks (restaurants, pubs, coffee shops, etc)
Accommodations (hotels, guest houses, hostels, etc.)
Activities (guided adventure tours, guided city tours, etc.)
Events (music/theatre festivals, art exhibitions, concerts, etc. )

These commercials sections are elegantly displayed and you choose whether you want to see them or not. However they might come in handy when you want to go to a certain place you find in our guide and you need accommodation in the area, maybe a place to relax and drink a beer, maybe a guided tour or have some fun at a concert! 😊

Business owners that want to have their business present in our guide can contact us via our Facebook Page or mail:

This is it for our app's first version. We have some good stuff coming in future releases!

Meanwhile we urge you to download the app, use it to discover amazing places in Romania, tell your friends about it and let's make Romania known all over the world. It deserves it!

Download from the App StoreNow on Google Play

* The app and its content is available exclusively in English. 
** Proudly created in Timisoara, Romania. All rights reserved to

Sighiștel Canyon - Apuseni's green paradise

For a long time we knew that the Apuseni Mountains are an inexhaustible resource for nature's gems: never ending forests, caves, waterfalls, canyons, flooding meadows and special karstic phenomena. This is why every time we explore them they never cease to amaze us 😊

Hiking to Capra Lake - between winter and spring in Făgăraș

Most of the tourist that visit the famous Transfăgărășan highway make a long pit stop at Bâlea Lake, the highest point on this highway. However, since it became such a big tourist attraction this place is crowded since it's the host of the beautiful Bâlea lake and a panorama point for this truly beautiful highway.

But we know a short trail that leads to the best panorama point and is far away from all the fuss happening at Bâlea 😊

Spring overdose - the thousands of snowdrops in the Orăștiei Mountains

The past year we discovered that there are amazing places in Romania in every season. In this sense this country has it all and you can't ever get bored travelling in Romania. No matter if it's spring, summer, autumn or winter you can adventure in beautiful places here 😊

Towards Arjana Peak - winter in the Cernei Mountains

I can't really remember since when we planned on doing some hiking in the Cernei Mountains including visiting the remote villages with a few scattered houses on top of these picturesque mountains. So it was unexpected that we got here during winter...of all seasons. This is actually not bad at all since snow and cold means no snakes 😋