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Towards Arjana Peak - winter in the Cernei Mountains

I can't really remember since when we planned on doing some hiking in the Cernei Mountains including visiting the remote villages with a few scattered houses on top of these picturesque mountains. So it was unexpected that we got here during winter...of all seasons. This is actually not bad at all since snow and cold means no snakes 😋

Love, Timișoara

After 76 articles I finally manage to write about my adoptive city, Timișoara :D For the past 10 years I've lived in this city but now that I think of it it doesn't feel like 10 years. Wow, I'm old!

Timișoara is my second home and I think it was hard for me to write about it because I'm the type of person who doesn't really appreciate the city I live in. It's easy to get used to the beauty and freshness of this city and simply ignore it.

Banat's Semmering - the first mountain railroad in Romania

The Romanian Semmering (in the South - Western region called Banat) is the smaller brother of the original Semmering railroad in Austria. Our Semmering links the towns of Anina and Oravița and crosses the Anina Mountains. We also have to mention that it is the second mountain railroad built in Europe.

Herculane Baths - Romania's ruined pearl

My first memory in the Herculane Baths (Băile Herculane) is on the terrace of the Roman Hotel. Here I was part of the public present for a famous Romanian Television show called The 5 o'clock tea. Weird for me being there but I was there with my parents visiting Herculane and we just found out that the show was shooting there. I remember being fascinated by all the cameras, lights and microphones.

Corcoaia Gorges - stone sculpture

Strong fragrances are kept in small bottles goes an old saying. It can well be applied to Corcoaia Gorges in the village of Cerna. You can find them 43 km away from Băile Herculane spa resort in Western Romania. These gorges are short but spectacular :)

Țășnei Gorges - rock and water paradise in the Mehedinți Mountains

Our plans for the 1st of May mini-vacation in 2015 were tied to Băile Herculane resort in Western Romania. This place was once one of the most luxurious spa centres in Europe where the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy relaxed in the healing thermal waters. Now, it's just a distant memory of the once world renown resort but nature hasn't changed and the outstanding trails you can do here are still available and we decided to explore them :)

Our last day of our mini-vacation was dedicated to Țășnei Gorges in the first part of the day and then to Vânturătoarea Waterfall which we already wrote about :)

Vânturătoarea Waterfall - amazing, amazing, amazing

Our no.50 post is about an amazing place we've recently been to: Vânturătoarea Waterfall near Băile Herculane resort. This is, in our opinion, the most beautiful waterfall in Romania! :) Not only we had big expectations, but when we got there they were completely blown away. It was even better then we've expected. This waterfall is amazing, beautiful, elegant, impressive and spectacular!

Wonders in Banat - Văioaga waterfall, Bei Eye Lake, Beușnița waterfall and the famous Bigăr waterfall

We continue our series of posts dedicated to places which you can visit on a weekend trip. Today we are very close to the spectacular Nera Gorges, near the village of Sasca Montană and we'll be visiting Văioaga Waterfall, Bei Eye Lake and Beușnița Waterfall. On our way back home we'll also visit the already famous Bigăr Waterfall.