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Ion Creangă memorial house in Humulești

Our 2014 summer tour all over Romania took us to Moldova, in North - Eastern Romania, where we visited a lot of places in the few days we had available for this region: we did a really nice mountain trail in the Ceahlău Mountains, we visited the surprising Iași, we admired the stunning Voroneț Monastery, and we drove on the winding shores of the superb Bicaz Lake.

On our way out of Moldova, and into Maramureș in Northern Romania, we also passed through the town of Târgu Neamț. Here we already told you about our visit to Neamț Fortress which we found in tip-top shape. So, because we were already in Târgu Neamț we thought we'd also visit Ion Creangă memorial house in Humulești. Humulești is now part of Târgu Neamț, but back in the days it used to be a separate village.

Bicaz Lake - Bicaz is nice

Last year, in 2014, after we finished our beautiful adventure in the Ceahlău Mountains, on Toaca Peak, we left the village of Izvorul Muntelui (Mountain Spring) and headed to Borșa in Maramureș, Northern Romania. The road taking us to Borșa was winding on the shores of Bicaz Lake, also known as Izvorul Muntelui Lake (Mountain Spring Lake).

Neamț Monastery and Mihail Sadoveanu's house

Just 15 km away from the town of Târgu Neamț, the beautiful Neamț Monastery amazes you through its simplicity and architectural style. The keywords here are: rock and wood. It's a place full of spirituality where you can sit in peace in the middle of nature.

Neamț Fortress

We continue our series of posts from the Romanian North-Eastern region, Moldova. We loved it here and you have a lot to see. More than we had time for unfortunately. We started with Iași, then continued with the mountains, Ceahlău and finally Voroneț monastery. This time we stop in the town of Târgu Neamț in Neamț county.

Voroneț Monastery - The Sistine Chapel of the East

After we visited the surprising Iași and did a trekking session in the beautiful Ceahlău Mountains we were on our way to the Maramureș region in Northern Romania. Our route ran through Gura Humorului which is very close to one of the most famous monasteries in Romania: Voroneț.

Ceahlău Mountain - Toaca peak, edelweiss and bears

For a long time we've wanted to get to the Ceahlău Mountains. We've heard a lot of nice things about these beautiful mountains located in Eastern Romania, in Moldova. So in our 2014 summer vacation we included Moldova in our itinerary.

Our first time in Iași

Iași, once Romania's capital, the current capital of the Moldova region, was on our list for a long time. We managed to visit it for the first time in the summer of 2014. Unfortunately we made the mistake of only planning 24 hours in Iași. This city was a very nice surprise for us. We didn't expect to see so many beautiful places, nice people and history at every corner.