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Skiing on the Oncești ski slope in Păltiniș, Sibiu

Skiing is for me an excuse to do some kind of sport during winter. I'm not particularly good at it, the main objective being not to fall 😋 So let's say I'm at an intermediate level.

The amazing Făgăraș Citadel

The summer of 2015 was very productive for us since we got to visit a lot of places. We only managed to tell you about two of them until now: Padina Fest and 7 Ladders Canyon. Today we'll tell you about a very beautiful citadel which is a must-see: Făgăraș Citadel.

Astra Museum - architecture, traditions, fresh air

You probably already hate us because we write so many posts about Sibiu. But we can't help it. This city and its surroundings are extremely beautiful and we have a lot to write about! :) This time we'll write about the open air ASTRA Museum, near Sibiu.

Sibiu - winter edition

You've probably figured out that Sibiu is one our favourite cities. Well, this winter we decided to go on a short 3 day trip near Sibiu and in Sibiu. Maybe you've already read the posts about the Bâlea Lake Ice Hotel and  Biertan Fortified Church which represent our last and our first day respectively. In the second day we decided to stay in Sibiu because heavy snow falls were announced in the area. So we made a plan to explore Sibiu buried under snow! :)

Bâlea Lake Ice Hotel

Winter 2014. Just between Christmas and New Years Eve we wanted to go on a winter trip. We kept thinking where we should go. Snow was announced all over Romania so we could have gone skiing of course, but that was too obvious :)) We finally decided to go on a short 3 day trip in the Sibiu area.

Biertan Fortified Church

In the heart of Transylvania, in the village of Biertan in Sibiu county we found on of the most beautiful fortified churches in Romania. Just 10 km away from the national highway linking Mediaș to Sighișoara, Biertan is usually unknown to tourists and many don't know that this treasure exists.

The Christmas Fair in Sibiu

Since it became European Capital of Culture in 2007, Sibiu's tourism flourished. The good news is that Sibiu is not only living on its past title of European Capital of Culture but a lot of investments have been done in the quality tourism that you can find in Sibiu.