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MTB in the Trascău Mountains via the Întregalde Gorges

Just 30 km away from the beautiful city of Alba Iulia, in the village of Benic we did a fun MTB trip in the picturesque Trascău Mountains.

The Roman Baths in Cetea

One of Romania's hidden beauties lays just 30 km away from the beautiful city of Alba Iulia and reaching it is very easy. If you're searching for a great place to cool down, this is the place to be!

Transylvanian Hills - cycling over the hills in the Saxon villages and fortified churches

One year ago we did a great MTB tour through the so called Transylvanian Hills. This area contains many Saxon villages delimited by the cities of Brașov, Sighișoara, Mediaș and Sibiu.

The people living here understand the importance and benefits of sustainable tourism and Romanian and foreign tourists love it here due to the beautiful fortified churches, the house's architecture, traditional way of living and unspoiled nature 😊

Hiking to Capra Lake - between winter and spring in Făgăraș

Most of the tourist that visit the famous Transfăgărășan highway make a long pit stop at Bâlea Lake, the highest point on this highway. However, since it became such a big tourist attraction this place is crowded since it's the host of the beautiful Bâlea lake and a panorama point for this truly beautiful highway.

But we know a short trail that leads to the best panorama point and is far away from all the fuss happening at Bâlea 😊

Amazing Padiș - The frozen Bulbuci Waterfall and Ciungilor rock

This winter season was the most prolific ever! We managed to do more winter trails this winter than in all the previous winters combined. Actually until now we were pretty intimidated to do mountain trails during winter, filled with snow. The key, as we've learnt, is to do it progressively. Anyway, we were charmed and I think us and winter tours will have a long love story from now on 😊

Transfăgărășan - the Formula 1 circuit in the Făgăraș Mountains

The most spectacular, the most beautiful, the best. This is how most descriptions of the Transfăgărășan usually start. This road crosses the Făgăraș Mountains from North to South and it was made internationally famous by Top Gear, which shot an episode in Romania.

Șureanu Ski Resort - promising but not there yet

For a year now we've been hearing about Șureanu Ski Resort. This winter (2015-2016) we didn't manage to go skiing anywhere so we figured it would be a good idea to try out this new ski resort that we've been hearing about. So we headed skiing in the middle of March : ))

The amazing Făgăraș Citadel

The summer of 2015 was very productive for us since we got to visit a lot of places. We only managed to tell you about two of them until now: Padina Fest and 7 Ladders Canyon. Today we'll tell you about a very beautiful citadel which is a must-see: Făgăraș Citadel.

Râșnov Fortress - travelling to the medieval times

We've first visited Râșnov Fortress in 2007 and since then we've come back a couple of times. Out last visit: the summer of 2015. Every time we got here we saw things evolve so that tourists can have an easier access to this beautiful place!

The Picturesque Highways of Romania: Rucăr - Bran

This post is going to be a special one, maybe a new beginning. Maybe a new series after the Bike Tours series. Let's call it The Picturesque Highways of Romania. I think you figured out by now that we're serious travellers in Romania. Just check out our Tracks & Places page :D

Padina Fest - rock on high up in the Bucegi Mountains

We're writing this post after the tragedy in Colectiv club in Bucharest. Tens of young people have died and tens more are seriously injured after the terrible fire in this club. We were deeply marked by this tragic accident and we can only hope the injured will survive and get better as soon as possible. As for the dead, I think the whole country feels the grief of their families and their friends. No one should die on the dance floor and Romanians must act to change the way politics is done in this country and the way laws are applied (better said, not applied). We will act, we will never forget how those youngsters died and we will fight to change how things are done in Romania!

7 Ladders Canyon - rock maze through waterfalls

We had a very active 2015 summer. We travelled a lot in Romania so we have enough to tell you about :D This year was dedicated to yet another tour but this one was somehow different: it was dedicated to the Carpathian Mountains and it was an adventure tour :) Just before finishing this tour we reached the area near Brașov. We were a lot of times in Brașov or near Brașov but we never included a spectacular monument of nature: 7 Ladders Canyon.

Viscri - Prince Charles in the Transylvanian hills

We finally got to write about the already famous Viscri village in Transylvania. As you may know, this village was made famous by Great Britain's Prince Charles who bought a house here and who promotes maintaining Saxon traditions, houses and an authentic and sustainable way of life. He found all these here in Romania, Transylvania. 

Rădesei Cave and The Warm Someș Gorges - adventure in Padiș

As we were saying in our previous posts, Padiș area is extremely rich in trails, amazing places and wonderful people. The Apuseni Mountains have very picturesque  sceneries and people and it is worth going on vacation here.

Râmeț Gorges - nature and adventure

The summer of 2013 was very hot and our bike tour around the Apuseni Mountains took its toll. A lot of sun, sweat, effort but not in vein of course! We saw some pretty amazing places, like Rimetea village which we already told you about in the previous post.

Piatra Secuiului and Rimetea - the village where the sun rises twice a day

In the summer of 2013 we did a bike tour of the Apuseni Mountains. We didn't travel exclusively by bike but we gathered several hundred kilometres on bikes only :) We discovered some amazing places that we want to share with you.

Prejmer Fortified Church

In the summer of 2012 we did a tour of Transylvania. In the second part of this tour we scheduled several visits at the fortified churches near Brașov. Today we'll write about Prejmer fortified church.

Sibiu - winter edition

You've probably figured out that Sibiu is one our favourite cities. Well, this winter we decided to go on a short 3 day trip near Sibiu and in Sibiu. Maybe you've already read the posts about the Bâlea Lake Ice Hotel and  Biertan Fortified Church which represent our last and our first day respectively. In the second day we decided to stay in Sibiu because heavy snow falls were announced in the area. So we made a plan to explore Sibiu buried under snow! :)

Bâlea Lake Ice Hotel

Winter 2014. Just between Christmas and New Years Eve we wanted to go on a winter trip. We kept thinking where we should go. Snow was announced all over Romania so we could have gone skiing of course, but that was too obvious :)) We finally decided to go on a short 3 day trip in the Sibiu area.

Biertan Fortified Church

In the heart of Transylvania, in the village of Biertan in Sibiu county we found on of the most beautiful fortified churches in Romania. Just 10 km away from the national highway linking Mediaș to Sighișoara, Biertan is usually unknown to tourists and many don't know that this treasure exists.