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Padina Fest - rock on high up in the Bucegi Mountains

We're writing this post after the tragedy in Colectiv club in Bucharest. Tens of young people have died and tens more are seriously injured after the terrible fire in this club. We were deeply marked by this tragic accident and we can only hope the injured will survive and get better as soon as possible. As for the dead, I think the whole country feels the grief of their families and their friends. No one should die on the dance floor and Romanians must act to change the way politics is done in this country and the way laws are applied (better said, not applied). We will act, we will never forget how those youngsters died and we will fight to change how things are done in Romania!

Bike Tours - Scărișoara Glacier

We begin by telling you that this bike tour was one of the most special ones we did. It takes us in a unique place in Romania and we see some of the most picturesque landscapes we ever saw in our bike tours. Also in this bike tour we managed to do a record descent, the fastest yet! :D

Bike Tours - Huda lui Papară cave in the picturesque Trascău Mountains

Mountain biking season has already started and we thought we should tell you about our mountain biking experience in the Trascău Mountains. It was the summer of 2013 when we decided to go on a trip in the village of Sălciua de Jos on the beautiful Arieș Valley.

Rădesei Cave and The Warm Someș Gorges - adventure in Padiș

As we were saying in our previous posts, Padiș area is extremely rich in trails, amazing places and wonderful people. The Apuseni Mountains have very picturesque  sceneries and people and it is worth going on vacation here.

Bolii cave - horseback riding in a cave

There is so much to see in the Petroșani area that we barely scratched the surface in our posts until now :) Today we'll take you to Bolii Cave, only 6 km away from Petroșani. It's part of Grădiștea Muncelului - Cioclovina Natural Park.

The traditional houses in Roșia

If you ever dreamt of relaxing in a piece of heaven on Romanian soil, surrounded by nature, just like at grandma's house, this place is what you're looking for. Up on top of a hill in Runcuri hamlet, belonging to Roșia village in Bihor country, these traditional houses have been restored by a person who is in love with this area. Spending a few days here will get you the peace of mind you were looking for and you'll disconnect from the daily stress.