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Sarmizegetusa Regia - 2000 years of history

Finally we get to a place that has been long waiting on our to-visit list :) We were lucky to visit it in a mini-vacation when we had three days off in the spring of 2016. We're talking about the Sarmizegetusa Regia fortification.

The amazing Făgăraș Citadel

The summer of 2015 was very productive for us since we got to visit a lot of places. We only managed to tell you about two of them until now: Padina Fest and 7 Ladders Canyon. Today we'll tell you about a very beautiful citadel which is a must-see: Făgăraș Citadel.

Râșnov Fortress - travelling to the medieval times

We've first visited Râșnov Fortress in 2007 and since then we've come back a couple of times. Out last visit: the summer of 2015. Every time we got here we saw things evolve so that tourists can have an easier access to this beautiful place!

Piatra Secuiului and Rimetea - the village where the sun rises twice a day

In the summer of 2013 we did a bike tour of the Apuseni Mountains. We didn't travel exclusively by bike but we gathered several hundred kilometres on bikes only :) We discovered some amazing places that we want to share with you.

Neamț Fortress

We continue our series of posts from the Romanian North-Eastern region, Moldova. We loved it here and you have a lot to see. More than we had time for unfortunately. We started with Iași, then continued with the mountains, Ceahlău and finally Voroneț monastery. This time we stop in the town of Târgu Neamț in Neamț county.

Sibiu - winter edition

You've probably figured out that Sibiu is one our favourite cities. Well, this winter we decided to go on a short 3 day trip near Sibiu and in Sibiu. Maybe you've already read the posts about the Bâlea Lake Ice Hotel and  Biertan Fortified Church which represent our last and our first day respectively. In the second day we decided to stay in Sibiu because heavy snow falls were announced in the area. So we made a plan to explore Sibiu buried under snow! :)

Șoimoș Fortress - a window towards the Mureș valley

Located in the town of Lipova, Arad county, Șoimoș Fortress guards the Mureș river valley being positioned in a strategic place: where the Mureș valley meets the Zărand Moutains and the hills of Lipova.

Alba Carolina citadel in Alba Iulia

Welcome to Alba Carolina citadel in Alba Iulia! A dream come true welcomes each tourist visiting this place. Finally the uniqueness of this citadel has been once again highlighted and open to the public in all its glory.

Poenari fortress - the stronghold of Vlad The Impaler

After our spectacular trip to Stan's Valley in the Făgăraș Mountains we decided to climb to Poienari fortress which is also on the Transfăgărășan highway between Curtea de Argeș and Vidraru dam. Each time we crossed the Transfăgărășan we saw the indicator towards this fortress but we never had it planned and we were on a tight schedule. This time however, we made time for it and it was worth it! :)