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MTB in the Trascău Mountains via the Întregalde Gorges

Just 30 km away from the beautiful city of Alba Iulia, in the village of Benic we did a fun MTB trip in the picturesque Trascău Mountains.

Transylvanian Hills - cycling over the hills in the Saxon villages and fortified churches

One year ago we did a great MTB tour through the so called Transylvanian Hills. This area contains many Saxon villages delimited by the cities of Brașov, Sighișoara, Mediaș and Sibiu.

The people living here understand the importance and benefits of sustainable tourism and Romanian and foreign tourists love it here due to the beautiful fortified churches, the house's architecture, traditional way of living and unspoiled nature 😊

Strategica - cycling at 2000 m in the Latoriței Mountains

By far the most difficult, the best and the most complex MTB tour we ever did! Strategica was on our radar for at least 2 years but in August 2016 we managed to do this amazing track 😊

Strategica (aka The Strategic Road) crosses the ridge of the Latoriței Mountains. It starts from the already famous Transalpina Highway and ends in the Voineasa mountain resort.

We cycled on the most spectacular and highest section of this great road on top of the mountains.

#EpicBikeTour2016 - Through meadows, woods and creeks towards Fundătura Ponorului

The first circuit we did in our Epic Bike Tour 2016 spanned over 2 days and totalled more than 100 km of mountain biking. We already told you the story of the first day in this first circuit and now we'll tell you what happened in the second day when we returned back to our cars that we left at Boleștilor Inn 😋

#EpicBikeTour2016 - Through the Strei Valley and the Orăștiei Mountains

As we promised we'll start a series of articles about cycling. More exactly mountain biking. We'll tell you about our adventure in the summer of 2016.

Epic Bike Tour 2016. That's how we called it. This tour meant over 300 km of mountain bike trails through Romania's mountains and country side. It was an amazing experience and we were an amazing team! So let's start with the first stage of our adventure 😊

Bike Tours - Crossing the Codru Moma mountains

Our first more serious MTB tour in 2016 started in Moneasa and we planned to cross the lesser-known Codru Moma Mountains (part of the Apuseni Mountains). These mountains were going to be a surprise for us as well since we didn't explore them too much until now. We hoped for nice surprises :)

Cycling through the Danube Gorges from Orșova to Golubac

We decided that 2016 is the year for cycling! :) We opened the season with a more serious tour in May. A 100% asphalted route on the Danube's shore on the Serbian side going through the Danube Gorges. So, in this article we're going to cheat a little since it's not exactly in Romania but all the scenery in the photos are towards the Romanian side :D

Bike Tours: Săvârșin - Pârnești - Lupești - Stejar

We always start the mountain - biking season with a warm-up route. Not to hilly, not so much offroad, not such a long distance, just enough to get us started after the winter season.

This year we chose Săvârșin in Arad county as the place where we do this miniature tour :) This place is better known for the Royal Caste it has than for the beautiful mountainous surroundings it's placed in.

Bike Tours: Remeți - Leșu Lake - Hell's Valley - Stâna de Vale

After we told you about the first day in our mountain biking tour in the Apuseni Mountains, in this article we're going to tell you about our experience in the second day :)

The second day was more spectacular than the first one and I'm talking about the beautiful landscapes through which went. We were especially impressed by Hell's Valley which we crossed in order to get from Leșu Lake to Stâna de Vale.

Bike Tours: Stâna de Vale - Drăgan Lake - Remeți

We're back with a new post about a mountain biking trip we did last year :D We're glad to see that more Romanians are taking up this sport. The beauty of it is that it enables you too see beautiful places, most of them being unreachable by cars and too far to walk to. It also comes with a good rush of adrenaline in many situations once you get the hang of it :)

Bike Tours - Autumn around Tauț and the best forest down hill

Our last bike tour of 2014 happened in Tauț in Arad county. This is the place where I used to go swimming and fishing when I was little in Tauț Lake. It's just 55 km away from Arad and this time we came here to explore the woods and the hills in the area.

Bike Tours - Iovan Valley Lake and The Cerna Springs

We're down to our last episode in our Bike Tours trilogy in the mountains of South - Western Romania. The first day took us through the spectacular Sohodol Gorges and the beautiful Tismana Monastery. Then, the second day took us on one of the most picturesque highways we've been on towards Cerna Village. The third day wasn't supposed to be the toughest one but so it was in the end :))) However, on the flip side, it was also the most spectacular and beautiful one :D

Bike Tours - God's Bridge, Stone Meadow and the picturesque road towards Cerna village

The second day of our mountain biking tour should have been the easiest one on a very picturesque highway, but it didn't really turn out as expected :)) Don't get me wrong, the highway was very picturesque but we were in poor shape as we soon discovered :D.

The first day, which we told you about in our previous post, lead us close to the small town of Baia de Aramă, in Brebina village. The only nice thing about the accommodation here was the Hațegana beer which we totally digged. I'm joking, it was a descent accommodation after all :)

Bike Tours - Sohodol Gorges & Tismana Monastery

Since Monday, 1st of June 2015, was a free day in Romania we decided to take advantage of the long weekend and head towards the mountains with our bikes :) We decided to make a circuit in the area between the Small Retezat and Piatra Cloșani mountains. We had 3 days at our disposal to travel over 200 km in the mountains :) This post is our report from the first day of our adventure.

Bike Tours - Scărișoara Glacier

We begin by telling you that this bike tour was one of the most special ones we did. It takes us in a unique place in Romania and we see some of the most picturesque landscapes we ever saw in our bike tours. Also in this bike tour we managed to do a record descent, the fastest yet! :D

Bike Tours - Huda lui Papară cave in the picturesque Trascău Mountains

Mountain biking season has already started and we thought we should tell you about our mountain biking experience in the Trascău Mountains. It was the summer of 2013 when we decided to go on a trip in the village of Sălciua de Jos on the beautiful Arieș Valley.

Bike Tours Padiș - Day 3: up on the Apuseni Mountains ridge back to Padiș

Our last day in the Apuseni bike tour takes us on top of the Apuseni Mountains back to Padiș and then down to Pietroasa where we started. Day 2 was really fun but my fall threatened the success and return in day 3.

Bike Tours Padiș - Day 2: Răchițele and The Bridal Veil Waterfall

We continue our Apuseni mountain bike tour started here. Our plan for the second day was to cross from Bihor county to Cluj county in the village of Răchițele where we arranged accommodation. In reality the highlight was the Bridal Veil Waterfall in Răchițele which I wanted to see for a long time.

Bike Tours Padiș - Day 1: 1000 meters climb up to Padiș

We're back with a new post of an awesome mountain bike tour in the Apuseni Mountains, around the Padiș Plateau that we did in the autumn of 2014. Padiș is one of our favourite places due to its diverse landforms: dense forests, meadows, a lot of limestone, thousands of caves and underground glaciers. It's unique in Romania!

Bike Tours - Șiria Fortress

If you're from Arad and you've never been mountain biking or trekking to Șiria Fortress you don't exist :) We did all these many times, I don't even remember how many. Why you might ask. Well, up here you have a great panorama over the West Plains an the southern side of the Zărand Mountains.