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Strategica - cycling at 2000 m in the Latoriței Mountains

By far the most difficult, the best and the most complex MTB tour we ever did! Strategica was on our radar for at least 2 years but in August 2016 we managed to do this amazing track 😊

Strategica (aka The Strategic Road) crosses the ridge of the Latoriței Mountains. It starts from the already famous Transalpina Highway and ends in the Voineasa mountain resort.

We cycled on the most spectacular and highest section of this great road on top of the mountains.

Sighiștel Canyon - Apuseni's green paradise

For a long time we knew that the Apuseni Mountains are an inexhaustible resource for nature's gems: never ending forests, caves, waterfalls, canyons, flooding meadows and special karstic phenomena. This is why every time we explore them they never cease to amaze us 😊

Mălăiești Cottage in winter - truly amazing

Before we got to ski in Poiana Brașov we did a winter trail that we've dreamed of doing for about two years. I can't exactly explain why we got so fascinated about Mălăiești Cottage  in the Bucegi Mountains right after we heard about it.

Love, Timișoara

After 76 articles I finally manage to write about my adoptive city, Timișoara :D For the past 10 years I've lived in this city but now that I think of it it doesn't feel like 10 years. Wow, I'm old!

Timișoara is my second home and I think it was hard for me to write about it because I'm the type of person who doesn't really appreciate the city I live in. It's easy to get used to the beauty and freshness of this city and simply ignore it.

The base of Piatra Craiului, Măgura village and the Zărnești Ravines via The Cat's Corges

Sorry for the long and complicated title but we got a lot to tell you about :D This trip is part of our tour through the Romanian mountains in the summer of 2015. One of the last trips we did in this tour was here at the base of Piatra Craiului mountain in the village of Măgura. A beautiful, spectacular and picturesque place :)

Moldoveanu peak (2544 m) - meeting The King

Oh boy, we did it!! :) In July 2015 we managed to reach the highest point in Romania, Moldoveanu peak at 2544 m altitude! :D It was a dream come true to sit here on top of Romania with an astonishing view! :)

Maria Radna Basilica - the cultural gem on the Mureș Valley

The last day of 2015 was a beauty. Actually we couldn't miss a small trip nearby :D We were longing for some sunshine after a week of fog and grey sky. 2015 was about to say a sunny and cold goodbye and welcome his big brother, 2016.

7 Ladders Canyon - rock maze through waterfalls

We had a very active 2015 summer. We travelled a lot in Romania so we have enough to tell you about :D This year was dedicated to yet another tour but this one was somehow different: it was dedicated to the Carpathian Mountains and it was an adventure tour :) Just before finishing this tour we reached the area near Brașov. We were a lot of times in Brașov or near Brașov but we never included a spectacular monument of nature: 7 Ladders Canyon.

Two days in Cozia - the perfect autumn hike

We finally get to write about one of our favourite trips in the mountains. We waited the whole year to write about it because we wanted to share it with you at the beginning of autumn since, we can tell you right from the start, it's the best autumn trip we ever did! :)

Bike Tours - Iovan Valley Lake and The Cerna Springs

We're down to our last episode in our Bike Tours trilogy in the mountains of South - Western Romania. The first day took us through the spectacular Sohodol Gorges and the beautiful Tismana Monastery. Then, the second day took us on one of the most picturesque highways we've been on towards Cerna Village. The third day wasn't supposed to be the toughest one but so it was in the end :))) However, on the flip side, it was also the most spectacular and beautiful one :D

The Danube Delta via Sf. Gheorghe - infinite beach, relaxation, freedom

We travelled a lot in the summer of 2014. One of the top destinations in Romania was on our itinerary: The Danube Delta. This was my second time in the Danube Delta but this time I had my good camera with me so I can report to you with some nice pictures :) To be fair, we report to you from a small part of the huge Danube Delta: from Sfântu Gheorghe village, where the Danube spills into the Black Sea.

Vânturătoarea Waterfall - amazing, amazing, amazing

Our no.50 post is about an amazing place we've recently been to: Vânturătoarea Waterfall near Băile Herculane resort. This is, in our opinion, the most beautiful waterfall in Romania! :) Not only we had big expectations, but when we got there they were completely blown away. It was even better then we've expected. This waterfall is amazing, beautiful, elegant, impressive and spectacular!

Astra Museum - architecture, traditions, fresh air

You probably already hate us because we write so many posts about Sibiu. But we can't help it. This city and its surroundings are extremely beautiful and we have a lot to write about! :) This time we'll write about the open air ASTRA Museum, near Sibiu.

Viscri - Prince Charles in the Transylvanian hills

We finally got to write about the already famous Viscri village in Transylvania. As you may know, this village was made famous by Great Britain's Prince Charles who bought a house here and who promotes maintaining Saxon traditions, houses and an authentic and sustainable way of life. He found all these here in Romania, Transylvania. 

Wonders in Banat - Văioaga waterfall, Bei Eye Lake, Beușnița waterfall and the famous Bigăr waterfall

We continue our series of posts dedicated to places which you can visit on a weekend trip. Today we are very close to the spectacular Nera Gorges, near the village of Sasca Montană and we'll be visiting Văioaga Waterfall, Bei Eye Lake and Beușnița Waterfall. On our way back home we'll also visit the already famous Bigăr Waterfall.

Ski Resort Transalpina - the best place to ski in Romania

Good news! We discovered the coolest place to ski in Romania: Ski Resort Transalpina (SRT). Actually we discovered it in 2013 which was the first season of this young ski resort. After a large sum of money invested, a lot of devotion, love for the mountain and for this beautiful sport, we now have the most modern ski resort in Romania in Vâlcea county :)

Râmeț Gorges - nature and adventure

The summer of 2013 was very hot and our bike tour around the Apuseni Mountains took its toll. A lot of sun, sweat, effort but not in vein of course! We saw some pretty amazing places, like Rimetea village which we already told you about in the previous post.

Piatra Secuiului and Rimetea - the village where the sun rises twice a day

In the summer of 2013 we did a bike tour of the Apuseni Mountains. We didn't travel exclusively by bike but we gathered several hundred kilometres on bikes only :) We discovered some amazing places that we want to share with you.

Bike Tours Padiș - Day 2: Răchițele and The Bridal Veil Waterfall

We continue our Apuseni mountain bike tour started here. Our plan for the second day was to cross from Bihor county to Cluj county in the village of Răchițele where we arranged accommodation. In reality the highlight was the Bridal Veil Waterfall in Răchițele which I wanted to see for a long time.

Jieț Gorges - trip in the ice world

In early February 2015 we decided to go skiing at the newest ski resort in Romania: Transalpina Ski Resort (SRT). It was not our first time here since we also came here in the opening season: 2012/2013 and we loved it :)