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The Roman Baths in Cetea

One of Romania's hidden beauties lays just 30 km away from the beautiful city of Alba Iulia and reaching it is very easy. If you're searching for a great place to cool down, this is the place to be!

The base of Piatra Craiului, Măgura village and the Zărnești Ravines via The Cat's Corges

Sorry for the long and complicated title but we got a lot to tell you about :D This trip is part of our tour through the Romanian mountains in the summer of 2015. One of the last trips we did in this tour was here at the base of Piatra Craiului mountain in the village of Măgura. A beautiful, spectacular and picturesque place :)

Bike Tours: Remeți - Leșu Lake - Hell's Valley - Stâna de Vale

After we told you about the first day in our mountain biking tour in the Apuseni Mountains, in this article we're going to tell you about our experience in the second day :)

The second day was more spectacular than the first one and I'm talking about the beautiful landscapes through which went. We were especially impressed by Hell's Valley which we crossed in order to get from Leșu Lake to Stâna de Vale.

Corcoaia Gorges - stone sculpture

Strong fragrances are kept in small bottles goes an old saying. It can well be applied to Corcoaia Gorges in the village of Cerna. You can find them 43 km away from Băile Herculane spa resort in Western Romania. These gorges are short but spectacular :)

Bike Tours - Sohodol Gorges & Tismana Monastery

Since Monday, 1st of June 2015, was a free day in Romania we decided to take advantage of the long weekend and head towards the mountains with our bikes :) We decided to make a circuit in the area between the Small Retezat and Piatra Cloșani mountains. We had 3 days at our disposal to travel over 200 km in the mountains :) This post is our report from the first day of our adventure.

Țășnei Gorges - rock and water paradise in the Mehedinți Mountains

Our plans for the 1st of May mini-vacation in 2015 were tied to Băile Herculane resort in Western Romania. This place was once one of the most luxurious spa centres in Europe where the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy relaxed in the healing thermal waters. Now, it's just a distant memory of the once world renown resort but nature hasn't changed and the outstanding trails you can do here are still available and we decided to explore them :)

Our last day of our mini-vacation was dedicated to Țășnei Gorges in the first part of the day and then to Vânturătoarea Waterfall which we already wrote about :)

Vânturătoarea Waterfall - amazing, amazing, amazing

Our no.50 post is about an amazing place we've recently been to: Vânturătoarea Waterfall near Băile Herculane resort. This is, in our opinion, the most beautiful waterfall in Romania! :) Not only we had big expectations, but when we got there they were completely blown away. It was even better then we've expected. This waterfall is amazing, beautiful, elegant, impressive and spectacular!

Horses Waterfall - the biggest waterfall in Romania

With Borșa Resort as a starting point, you can easily reach the biggest waterfall in Romania: Horses Waterfall. One day in the summer of 2014, when I was still recovering from a light food poisoning, we decided to do an easy trail.

Rădesei Cave and The Warm Someș Gorges - adventure in Padiș

As we were saying in our previous posts, Padiș area is extremely rich in trails, amazing places and wonderful people. The Apuseni Mountains have very picturesque  sceneries and people and it is worth going on vacation here.

Wonders in Banat - Văioaga waterfall, Bei Eye Lake, Beușnița waterfall and the famous Bigăr waterfall

We continue our series of posts dedicated to places which you can visit on a weekend trip. Today we are very close to the spectacular Nera Gorges, near the village of Sasca Montană and we'll be visiting Văioaga Waterfall, Bei Eye Lake and Beușnița Waterfall. On our way back home we'll also visit the already famous Bigăr Waterfall.

The Danube Gorges - Danube's spectacular passing through the Carpathian Mountains

Welcome to one of the most spectacular places in Romania: The Danube Gorges, also known as The Danube Boilers. It's the place where the Danube passes through the Carpathian Mountains.

Râmeț Gorges - nature and adventure

The summer of 2013 was very hot and our bike tour around the Apuseni Mountains took its toll. A lot of sun, sweat, effort but not in vein of course! We saw some pretty amazing places, like Rimetea village which we already told you about in the previous post.

Jieț Gorges - trip in the ice world

In early February 2015 we decided to go skiing at the newest ski resort in Romania: Transalpina Ski Resort (SRT). It was not our first time here since we also came here in the opening season: 2012/2013 and we loved it :)

Stan's valley - adrenaline rush in the canyon

By far the most spectacular track we've ever been on in Romania is Stan's Valley on the famous Transfăgărășan highway. Nothing can really prepare you for how gorgeous and thrilling this track is :D. Believe us, you'll be speechless!

Bănița Gorges - water, rock, sculpture

We promised that we will promote lesser known places in Romania and as soon as we discover them ourselves we'll share them with you. One of these places is Bănița gorges. You can find them in Hunedoara county, near the town of Petroșani right off E 79 highway. It's a spectacular and fascinating place that is worth getting yourself into water to cross it.