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Hiking to Capra Lake - between winter and spring in Făgăraș

Most of the tourist that visit the famous Transfăgărășan highway make a long pit stop at Bâlea Lake, the highest point on this highway. However, since it became such a big tourist attraction this place is crowded since it's the host of the beautiful Bâlea lake and a panorama point for this truly beautiful highway.

But we know a short trail that leads to the best panorama point and is far away from all the fuss happening at Bâlea 😊

Bike Tours: Remeți - Leșu Lake - Hell's Valley - Stâna de Vale

After we told you about the first day in our mountain biking tour in the Apuseni Mountains, in this article we're going to tell you about our experience in the second day :)

The second day was more spectacular than the first one and I'm talking about the beautiful landscapes through which went. We were especially impressed by Hell's Valley which we crossed in order to get from Leșu Lake to Stâna de Vale.

Bike Tours: Stâna de Vale - Drăgan Lake - Remeți

We're back with a new post about a mountain biking trip we did last year :D We're glad to see that more Romanians are taking up this sport. The beauty of it is that it enables you too see beautiful places, most of them being unreachable by cars and too far to walk to. It also comes with a good rush of adrenaline in many situations once you get the hang of it :)

Bike Tours - Iovan Valley Lake and The Cerna Springs

We're down to our last episode in our Bike Tours trilogy in the mountains of South - Western Romania. The first day took us through the spectacular Sohodol Gorges and the beautiful Tismana Monastery. Then, the second day took us on one of the most picturesque highways we've been on towards Cerna Village. The third day wasn't supposed to be the toughest one but so it was in the end :))) However, on the flip side, it was also the most spectacular and beautiful one :D

Bicaz Lake - Bicaz is nice

Last year, in 2014, after we finished our beautiful adventure in the Ceahlău Mountains, on Toaca Peak, we left the village of Izvorul Muntelui (Mountain Spring) and headed to Borșa in Maramureș, Northern Romania. The road taking us to Borșa was winding on the shores of Bicaz Lake, also known as Izvorul Muntelui Lake (Mountain Spring Lake).

Wonders in Banat - Văioaga waterfall, Bei Eye Lake, Beușnița waterfall and the famous Bigăr waterfall

We continue our series of posts dedicated to places which you can visit on a weekend trip. Today we are very close to the spectacular Nera Gorges, near the village of Sasca Montană and we'll be visiting Văioaga Waterfall, Bei Eye Lake and Beușnița Waterfall. On our way back home we'll also visit the already famous Bigăr Waterfall.

Gâlcescu Lake - Parâng Mountains turquoise

During our trip to the highest road in Romania, Transalpina, we decided to go on an interesting route leading to the biggest lake in the Parâng Mountins: Gâlcescu Lake.

Bâlea Lake Ice Hotel

Winter 2014. Just between Christmas and New Years Eve we wanted to go on a winter trip. We kept thinking where we should go. Snow was announced all over Romania so we could have gone skiing of course, but that was too obvious :)) We finally decided to go on a short 3 day trip in the Sibiu area.