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Skiing in Poiana Brașov

In the 2016 - 2017 ski season we are set on discovering as many ski slopes as possible in Romania. Of course, ski slopes that we haven't skied on yet. The ski infrastructure in Romania is not very competitive, we know, but nevertheless we want to see exactly what are the ski conditions in Romania. So, after we skied a little in Păltiniș near Sibiu we headed to the famous Poiana Brașov, near Brașov of course 😋

Skiing on the Oncești ski slope in Păltiniș, Sibiu

Skiing is for me an excuse to do some kind of sport during winter. I'm not particularly good at it, the main objective being not to fall 😋 So let's say I'm at an intermediate level.

Șureanu Ski Resort - promising but not there yet

For a year now we've been hearing about Șureanu Ski Resort. This winter (2015-2016) we didn't manage to go skiing anywhere so we figured it would be a good idea to try out this new ski resort that we've been hearing about. So we headed skiing in the middle of March : ))

Ski Resort Transalpina - the best place to ski in Romania

Good news! We discovered the coolest place to ski in Romania: Ski Resort Transalpina (SRT). Actually we discovered it in 2013 which was the first season of this young ski resort. After a large sum of money invested, a lot of devotion, love for the mountain and for this beautiful sport, we now have the most modern ski resort in Romania in Vâlcea county :)

Skiing in the Apuseni Mountains

One of the most picturesque places to ski in Romania is in Arieșeni village. More specifically in Vârtop village which belongs to Arieșeni, just on the edge of Alba and Bihor counties. It's not a ski resort for advanced skiers because you only have 3 ski slopes available which are not very long. For those who want to learn to ski and enjoy the beautiful sights of the Apuseni Mountains, I recommend you come here in the winter or in the summer.